Behind the scenes - real client photo galleries

Take a peek at what mamas just like you see after their photo sessions!

I know it’s a big decision to select a photographer to capture your maternity and newborn photos.

After all, these are precious moments that you want to treasure forever!

Of course you can view my portfolio and my blog to see what photo sessions are like, but some mamas want an even more in-depth peek into the process.

That’s why I’ve opened up two REAL client galleries for you to view (minus any photos of mamas nursing and other sensitive images). The links below will take you to two actual client galleries, just like you’ll receive after we shoot your photo session!

Take a peek at these absolutely stunning photos from real mamas just like you and see exactly what mamas receive after a session!

But first, a couple things to keep in mind:

The at-home newborn session featured here is full-length, but I have removed the mama’s nursing photos.

The Fresh 48 session featured here was a 45-minute session, meaning this gallery isn’t as extensive or varied as a full two-hour session.

Some mamas are looking for quantity – meaning they want as many photos as possible! If that’s you, a two hour session is best.

If you’re more concerned with magical moments over the number of images in your gallery, a 45-minute session could work perfectly!

Life begins with Tillie: an at-home newborn photo session (click to view)

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Two hours, one camera battery and hundreds of images later, I barely scratched the surface of this baby girl’s cuteness!

Tillie’s in-home newborn photography session in Conroe, TX focuses on baby and her parents. She’s the first baby for Megan and Kyle (not counting fur babies), and the first grandchild on both sides to boot. It’s safe to say this little girl is more loved than she knows!

Her session features lots of neutral shades with pops of color.

A two hour session might sound like a long time, but it flies by.  The biggest advantage of a longer session is we aren’t rushed to capture these unforgettable moments. In fact, Megan had plenty of time to change into three outfits without watching the clock, which means she had a lot of variety to her photo gallery.

Here’s a brief session breakdown:

– mom and baby in the nursery

– dad and baby in the nursery

– parents together in the nursery with baby

– siblings + parents + baby in the nursery 

– mom nursing in the nursery 

– family in the master bedroom

– family in the living room 

It’s definitely possible to fit in most of those moments in a 45-minute session! For families who wish to spend more time with siblings and baby, or baby by themselves, a two-hour session is best.

Celebrating Leo with a mini Fresh 48 photo session (click to view)

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First-time parents Alexis and Steffan were thrilled to welcome their son, Leo, at CHI-St. Luke’s hospital in The Woodlands. His sweet Fresh 48 photo session featured mom, dad and baby – but there were plenty of family members in attendance that were not pictured to love on this little guy!

Some mamas are hesitant to schedule Fresh 48 photos because they worry they won’t feel like getting ready for a photo session within a day or so of giving birth. Alexis is proof that you can be 24 hours post-delivery and look amazing!

The secret to her new mama glow? A quick change out of her hospital gown, natural lighting from the huge windows in her room and a dab of lip gloss!

Mini sessions are up to 45 minutes long, so I am in and out pretty quickly to give you time to bond and rest. I removed a couple photos from this gallery before making it public, but it will give you a good idea of what a mini Fresh 48 session can be like.

Keep in mind that every family – and newborn! – is different, which means every session is different. Also, little Leo is the first baby for this family, so there are no sibling photos included. For this particular session, I photographed for about 30 minutes.

Full-length sessions are up to two hours and work especially well for large families that include siblings and extended family members.

Wondering which session is best for your family? The 45-minute sessions are short and sweet – perfect for making priceless memories of mom, dad, baby and perhaps one other sibling.

I typically break the session down like this:

– photos of mom and baby (in the hospital bed and by the window)

– photos of dad and baby (seated and standing by the window)

– photos of swaddled baby (held by each parent with a focus on baby and laying in the hospital bassinet)

– family photos (on the hospital bed and on the couch)

– quick photos of sibling and baby

– nursing photos on request

Full-length Fresh 48 sessions include all of the above photos, and we also make time for baby in different outfits or swaddle blankets and add accessories like hats, bonnets or headbands.

The longer sessions provide enough time to include brand-new grandparents, aunts and uncles with baby. We can also focus on photos of mom with newborn + siblings and dad with newborn + siblings. If you have a toddler or child younger than 5, the longer session gives us more time to let them interact naturally with baby.

So, there you have it, two real galleries of mamas I’ve photographed. Every photo session is uniquely designed to celebrate you and your baby, but these galleries give you a good idea of how your dream session could look!

I specialize in maternity, Fresh 48, in-home newborn and family portrait sessions in Houston, Texas. A luxury photography experience is the perfect way to celebrate that adorable baby bump and your sweet newborn. If you’re ready to chat about a magical photo session celebrating you and your baby, click the button below to get started! I’ll send you a beautiful Welcome guide filled with all the details!

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