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What’s Included in Every Photo Session


The In-Home Newborn Experience FAQs

Q: What makes The In-Home Newborn Experience different?

A: As a mama of three little girls, I know exactly how special these memories are. That’s why I created The In-Home Newborn Experience. Before your session, I’ll send a questionnaire so you can tell me all about your vision for your photos: whether you prefer color or black & white photos, what angles and features you love (and those you don’t), what you hope to get out of your session in addition to pretty photos, and more.

The morning of your photo session is relaxed and centered around baby’s needs. I only photograph one newborn session per day so that we’re not rushed to make these priceless memories of you and your baby. I’ll provide very gentle posing guidance to capture you, your family and your newborn in natural, authentic moments. Basically, it’s a beautiful morning of you and your husband snuggling with your new baby!

Another key difference between me and other photographers: I am fully insured to protect my clients and my business! 

Q: Do you pose babies during the photo session?

A: In short, no. I prefer a more natural approach to newbor photography. My in-home newborn sessions are more relaxed than posed studio sessions; as a mama and a photographer, I think this is a better choice for most families. While posed photos are precious, few of the poses are natural. I prefer a snuggled or swaddled newborn instead! I photograph your baby when you’re ready; there are no inflexible guidelines for getting the best images.

Additionally, my in-home newborn sessions focus on connection between family members, not posing. I love to capture how strong and protective new dads are with their newborns, and how mamas are nurturing and gentle. This connection between you and your baby is so important, and unposed sessions beautifully capture this relationship. During a posed session, you and your spouse will mostly sit and watch the photographer work with your baby. There is little to no parent involvement during posed sessions, which is the opposite of the sessions I offer. Learn more here. 

Q: What if I don’t know what to wear?

A: I’ll bring long, flowy gowns from my studio closet for you if you’d like! All of my newborn session gowns and dresses are flattering for postpartum mamas and make it easy to nurse. I love brand new mamas in soft pastels and earth tones; these colors look amazing on you and next to your newborn.

If you prefer to wear something of your own, my Celebrate Motherhood magazine includes lots of guidance for how to select your wardrobe. Most mamas text photos of outfits before their sessions for instant feedback and peace of mind!

Q: My husband hates being photographed and I don’t know how my older child will be with our newborn. 

A: No problem! I’m a mama of three silly girls, so nothing surprises me when it comes to kiddos! Don’t worry about your older child(ren). There are tips in my magazine for how to engage them during your photo session, and I’ll come prepared to get smiles from everyone.

When it comes to your hubby, there isn’t a dad alive who isn’t bursting with pride over his new baby! I’m used to working with men who don’t exactly love being photographed, but they understand the importance of making these memories. Trust me when I say you’ll fall in love with your husband in an entirely new way when you watch him love on your baby during this session! It’s one of my favorite parts of working with new dads.

Q: What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

A: I completely understand the concern you may be feeling about scheduling a photo session during COVID-19. I’ve outlined my extensive COVID-19 precautions here. In addition, I’ve always required that my clients agree to a strict Maternal & Infant Health policy. In fact, it’s included within all of my client contracts. Your health and peace of mind are important to me, which is why I’ve put these measures in place.

Q: Do you offer payment plans for photo sessions?

A: Yes! I offer payment plans for every option except for single sessions. We’ll structure a payment plan that works for your family.

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