Monthly round-up: mom hacks edition

Featuring the only way to drink coffee + how to make outings with kids more peaceful

Most of what I do every day as a mom of three girls involves quite a bit of juggling, wrangling, herding and coordinating.

It’s a blend of wonderful and exhausting, all at the same time!

Just this morning, I sat down to edit a few blog posts and get this one posted. In the span of 10 minutes, I sat down at my computer, only to help two of my girls get another donut, another glass of milk, let the dogs out twice, cut a few more strawberries for baby, clean up doggie vomit, finally make a cup of coffee and then turn on Despicable Me 3.

There’s something about me sitting down to work that makes everyone lose their minds and immediately need something urgently.

If you’re a mom of at least one, this is probably your life as well!

Enter the magic of mom hacks, aka survival tips to help mamas make it through the day with just enough sanity to wake up and do it again the next morning!

Mom hack #1: coffee worth making time for!

I’m one of those people who can be kind of grumpy before coffee.

But when you have a house full of littles, it’s impossible to enjoy even one cup while it’s still hot without a million little interruptions that make you forget where you left your coffee cup in the first place.

I used to leave half-full, completely forgotten cups all over the house (or in the microwave) before I discovered the magic of a milk frother. It’s the secret to a cup of coffee that tastes as good as Starbucks, without leaving the house or spending $5 on a cup of snobby coffee!

Here’s my recipe for amazing coffee, every day:

3 tablespoons half & half (or less, depends on your taste)

1 kcup coffee pod

Add the half & half to a coffee cup and froth away. I use the frother for about 30 seconds to get a lot of foam. 

Microwave half & half for 35 seconds.

Add coffee as usual. (I use the smallest cup setting on my Keurig)

Stir to mix and enjoy!

I’ve found that warming the half & half brings out that nutty flavor that I love about Starbucks lattes. It feels like a decadent, delicious cup of coffee every morning, and it only takes a little more effort to froth and warm the creamer.

Plus, it helped me kick my addiction to those sugary creamers that aren’t really good for you. Fewer carbs, too!

Mom hack #2: diaper stations in baby’s room and in the living room

Even when we had a one-story home, it wasn’t always convenient to take baby all the way to her room for a diaper change.

I started keeping a basket full of diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, coconut oil and and an extra set of clothes in the living room. When I’m in the middle of cooking dinner or folding laundry, I don’t have to carry baby all the way upstairs for a quick change.

The basket stays tucked away behind the couch, which means it’s out of sight until I need it!

Mom hack #3: suckers for everyone when we’re on the go

I’m always looking for ways to ensure my kiddos are happy and not fussing when we’re running errands. I used to keep a stash of Goldfish or fruit snacks in my purse in case of the inevitable Target meltdown, but the crackers wound up crushed and the fruit snacks melted together during the steamy Houston summers.

Now I keep a handful of DumDum suckers in my bag and it makes being out and about a lot more peaceful, even around naptimes. They keep the kids occupied longer than Goldfish or fruit snacks and there is less to clean up.

What mom hacks are helping you keep your sanity with the kiddos? Share in the comments below!


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