Maternity & Infant Wellness Policy - Kristal Bean Photography

Maternity & Infant Wellness Policy

​Please be sure to read carefully. Scheduling a session with Kristal Bean Photography indicates you accept, understand and agree to this policy.

I put maternity and infant safety as my top priority. ANY contagious illness (even a cold) is cause for reschedule. 

This applies to your entire household, not just the baby, and anyone you have pre-arranged with me to bring along and/or include in your session. Sessions will be cancelled and rescheduled if symptoms are present in anyone in attendance at the time of the session. This is for the safety of your baby as well as the others I photograph. I cannot risk jeopardizing the health of families and newborns that I photograph, nor do I want to spread symptoms to the families I serve.

Kindly understand that I cannot make a sick person look “not sick”, nor can I compete with the grumpiness that illness can bring, especially in children. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in rescheduling if you are/have been in direct contact with a contagious illness within 10 days of your session date.

A waiting period of two months applies to scheduling a session if hand, foot and mouth disease has been in your household. Also, please be advised that any session scheduled within two weeks AFTER a stomach bug has cleared out of your home MUST be rescheduled. This also applies to any type of flu.

I photograph many families and newborns, and therefore cannot afford to risk that illness being spread to me or others. ​

Thank you for your honesty and cooperation in keeping families safe and well.



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