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Making sweet nursing memories with five-month-old Benjamin

houston breastfeeding photo session


Some of my most favorite memories of me and my girls come from those quiet moments when it was just the two of us. Sometimes it was right before bed, other times it was during the day, cuddled and warm on the couch while it was freezing outside. Gazing down at her sweet face while she nursed away, I wanted to freeze time.

The breastfeeding bond between a mama and baby is such a precious one, and learning the ins and outs of nursing a baby is no easy feat! That’s why I’m now offering breastfeeding minis, and this first session with my dear friend Meredith was the perfect way to start.

Preparing for a breastfeeding mini session

Meredith is a mama to three boys who are all pretty close in age to my own girls! We’ve been friends with she and her husband for about a year now.

I invited Meredith to help me launch these breastfeeding mini sessions not knowing how she’d feel about it. I was overjoyed when she said she was interested and immediately got to work planning an intimate, peaceful session for her and her baby, Benjamin.

To keep things simple and easy for her, I brought a gorgeous nursing-friendly ivory lace gown for her to wear. My studio collection of gowns and dresses help all of my clients by taking the stress and expense out of finding something to wear for photos. I knew this gown would flatter Meredith’s slim frame and the ivory color is beautiful on absolutely everyone!

A few days before we met in her home, I sent simple what-to-wear suggestions for Benjamin and ideas of perfect places in her house of where we could shoot. The morning of her session, she changed into the gown and I helped her make some quick decisions about accessories. Then it was time to get started!

An elegant, peaceful mini session

Benjamin was ready to nurse, which is really important for the success of these nursing mama sessions! We started photographing in Meredith’s lovely master bedroom, with her standing in front of the windows. The plantation shutters opened up for magical natural light.

She also was comfortable with side nursing on the bed, which made for some really sweet moments of laying down with Benjamin. The overall mood of her session was so relaxed. There isn’t a lot of posing because  we’re capturing authentic moments, but I did give her some gentle direction. The great thing about this time with baby is you’re both doing what comes naturally and comfortably. Whether mama wants to sit, stand, lie down – or all three! – these photos freeze priceless moments of a bond that lasts forever (even if nursing doesn’t!).

Snuggles in baby’s nursery

Practically every mama I’ve ever met has a comfy nursing chair in the nursery, and it’s a favorite spot for in-home newborn sessions. That nursing chair works equally well for breastfeeding sessions, too! After capturing several tender moments in the master bedroom, Meredith, Benjamin and I moved into his nursery where they snuggled together in his glider.

Photographing in the nursery allows us to make memories where parents spent hours creating the perfect place for their babies. Although this isn’t like an at-home session complete with crib shots and photos of nursery decor, I do include as much of baby’s room as we can while mama and baby cuddle!

Wrapping up our time together

To give Meredith a few moments to change out of my studio gown, I snuggled Benjamin in my Moses basket for a couple photos of just him. Those pudgy cheeks – I hope he has them forever! The Moses basket is perfect for baby-only shots; it’s a comfy, safe, warm bed that is a little different from the crib. At five months old, Benjamin was curious about the basket handles!

Every mama who’s ever learned to nurse a baby will tell you there are lots of joys and challenges that come with nursing. I certainly struggled for much longer than I ever thought to find breastfeeding my girls a comfortable, natural thing! But there is so much beauty in learning to do this along with your baby. These sessions are a celebration of the incredible work our bodies do to feed our babies – and of the strength of a mama, too.

You can take a peek at Meredith’s session below, and then keep reading for session details right after her photos!

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A few session details:

  • 25-30 minutes of coverage time
  • a full-color Celebrate Motherhood style magazine guarantees you’ll know exactly what sessions are like, along with helpful what to wear tips for you and baby
  • Access to my nursing-friendly studio wardrobe for mamas is included
  • Access to my newborn swaddles, wraps, accessories and Moses basket is included
  • A complimentary one-minute slideshow set to peaceful music showcases a few of my favorite images from your session
  • Your choice of three high-res digital images is included with the session, with the option to purchase additional photos if you choose


These sessions are perfect for any nursing mama. Whether you didn’t get around to newborn photos or you’re just longing for more beautiful images of you and baby before he/she is all grown up, you can’t go wrong with a breastfeeding mini session!

For mamas who are concerned about modesty during our time together: don’t be! If you’ve got a newborn and you’re still getting the hang of nursing, you might be worried about feeling exposed during a breastfeeding session. There are so many tasteful, beautiful ways to ensure your comfort – and baby’s too. We can drape a neutral swaddle blanket over your shoulder so that baby is still visible, but you feel covered. I can also help with the position of baby’s head to ensure coverage of your breast. You’ll notice that I also photographed some of Meredith’s session with her at a good distance from my camera, which means her chest was completely covered by baby with no worry of exposure.

I’ve created a Welcome guide specifically for these breastfeeding minis that includes more information. Email me to get your Welcome guide – they’re totally free and there is no obligation to book!

I specialize in magical maternity, Fresh 48, breastfeeding and at-home newborn sessions in Houston, Texas. A luxury photography experience is the perfect way to celebrate that perfect baby bump and your adorable newborn or nursing baby. If you’re ready to chat about a gorgeous photo session celebrating you and your little one, click the button below to get started! I’ll send you a beautiful Welcome guide with all the details!
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